How you can help our Residents keep Smiling!

Even though a Retirement Village has a lot of people, when they are isolating in their own homes it can still be a lonely experience. Help your loved one by keeping in touch regularly!

Facebook Messaging & Video Chat, Skype & Zoom

Village staff are able to help set up the technology so that you and your loved ones can communicate regularly if needed.

Family Visits

Although family visits are limited to one member at a time, set up a roster with other family members and make a time to visit and enjoy some exercise together. Take a stroll, enjoy a takeaway cuppa and a chat! (Sorry, no under 16s at this stage & maintain social distancing)

Write Letters or Cards

Get the grandkids to write letters, create art and craft that will bring a smile to the face!

Get Creative

Find a way to create boredom busters, create crosswords, books, or set up family projects that everyone can collaborate on… even from a distance.