Covid-19 Updates

How you can help our Residents keep Smiling!

Even though a Retirement Village has a lot of people, when they are isolating in their own homes it can still be a lonely experience. Help your loved one by keeping in touch regularly!

Facebook Messaging & Video Chat, Skype & Zoom

Village staff are able to help set up the technology so that you and your loved ones can communicate regularly if needed.

Family Visits

Although family visits are limited to one member at a time, set up a roster with other family members and make a time to visit and enjoy some exercise together. Take a stroll, enjoy a takeaway cuppa and a chat! (Sorry, no under 16s at this stage & maintain social distancing)

Write Letters or Cards

Get the grandkids to write letters, create art and craft that will bring a smile to the face!

Get Creative

Find a way to create boredom busters, create crosswords, books, or set up family projects that everyone can collaborate on… even from a distance.

Looking After our Residents and Supporting them through Uncertain Times

During the COVID-19 restrictions, we want to assure you that the safety and personal wellbeing of all our residents is our primary concern. So here are just some of the ways that we are assisting our residents at Baldwin Living.

Even though we are an independent living village, we are checking in with each and every resident every 2 days.

The following HomeServe services are continuing throughout the COVID situation:

  • Personal care including medicine prompting
  • Domestic assistance
  • Meal deliveries
  • Assistance with shopping – either online or physically going to the shops for the resident
  • Transport to medical appointments
  • Assistance with setting up skype/face time to maintain connections with family and friends

Village Managers are just a phone call away, and after hours is covered –  24/7 emergency call support is available to all residents through the INS system.

In addition, in every village, extra sanitising of all contact points throughout the villages is conducted 3 times per day – touchpoints in common areas include door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, support rails and letter boxes.

Kind Regards

Paul Burkett, Chief Executive Officer

A COVID-19 Update from Baldwin Living

We are taking a lot of measures to ensure your loved ones are looked after at our facilities during these challenging times. We provide the following brief:

  • Visit family members but one at a time and no children under 16.  Maintain social distancing
  • Do not visit if you have a cold of flu-like symptoms – the people you come into contact within the village may be vulnerable and extremely susceptible to illnesses.
  • Encourage your family members to remain active and keep in contact, set them up to use technology and make a regular time to connect.
  • All precautions are being taken with the sanitation and general cleanliness of the facilities as per directions from the Department of Health.
  • All employees are in the process of having a flu vaccination, we recommend that you do too
  • We can assist your family member with any concerns they may have so if you have any questions please contact the village manager

For further information, click on the link: