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Barbara – Seabeach Gardens resident

Some years ago I made the decision to move into Seabeach Gardens. I was so impressed with the friendly staff, warm atmosphere and close proximity to shops, transport and the beach – it was like finding a rare shell.


Nola - Vaucluse Gardens Resident

Today I placed my family photographs around my unit with my paintings all hung, it really feels like home.

It is almost one month since I moved into my unit in Vaucluse Gardens – a big move for many reasons.  I could not have done it without the help of my wonderful family and the positive and friendly staff here.

Felicity, our manager, has been so very helpful in every way. “Isn’t she lovely”?, my daughters remark, and I certainly agree!

The residents are very welcoming dropping in for a short visit and explaining all the facilities available – some of which I soon intend to use.

Though the roses have almost finished flowering and the trees have cast their autumn leaves, all the rhododendrons will soon be flowering, which means a walk in the beautiful (garden) is a must each day.

I feel safe and happy so thank you Vaucluse Gardens!

Jane – Long term Seabeach Gardens resident

Everyday I hear someone use the popular expression "available 24/7". In my retirement at Seabeach Gardens, I can have the best of both worlds available 24/7. I have my independence and privacy as well as extra care always available if I require it. There is always a warm welcome for me here and as a long term resident I can say I have everything I could wish for available 24/7.

Pam – Lane Cove Gardens resident

I am so happy I made the decision to move into Lane Cove Garden Village.

From the first time I inspected the Village I was advised that I would be able to contact the staff any time with any query I might have and they assured me it wouldn’t be a problem as they were there to assist me. They sure got a lot of calls from me prior to and after I made the decision to join the “family” at Lane Cove.

As I moved in a week before Christmas you can imagine it was for me at times stressful however the assistance from the management and maintenance staff has been amazing.

The residents have only been too willing to show me around and share their knowledge of “what’s happening” and I have really appreciated their welcome.

Would I? Will I ? recommend Lane Cove Gardens. Sure Can! 


Baldwin Living

Baldwin Living (formerly Baldwin Care Group) has a unique range of boutique retirement villages in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Hobart, renowned for our warmth, friendliness and over 30 years of experience.

Our retirement villages and ageing in place apartments all offer exceptional standards in care, services, accommodation and facilities – a retirement lifestyle with flexible options that seniors will love.

So, at a Baldwin Retirement Village you can experience genuine resident care, beautifully maintained village surrounds, quality homes and wide ranging community activities in great facilities.

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