Benefits of Emergency Call Systems in Retirement Villages

As we age, our physical and mental capabilities change, and we become more susceptible to accidents and emergencies. For this reason, we believe it’s essential for our residents to have around-the-clock access to a resource that safeguards them if such an incident occurs. While an overnight staff member can provide valuable care to residents, it’s important to recognize that a personal alarm system (also known as an emergency call system) offers key benefits in areas where an onsite overnight staff member has limitations. For example:

  • An overnight staff member may not always be immediately available in case of an emergency since they may be attending to another resident, whereas a personal alarm system can provide immediate 24/7 access to emergency services.
  • A personal alarm system can offer peace of mind to residents, knowing that they can quickly and easily receive assistance in case of an emergency, even when a nurse may not be available.
  • An overnight staff member is not a trained nurse and may be limited in the support they can provide.
  • The cost of employing an overnight staff member can be significantly higher than implementing a personal alarm system, making the latter a more affordable option for retirement villages and their residents.

Baldwin Living is committed to providing the best quality of care, and that’s why our villages come equipped with personal alarm systems in all resident units and in communal areas.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of personal alarm system, including its easy-to-use comms system, swift emergency response times, and overall peace of mind.

Ease of use and simple functionality are two essential features of a personal alarm system. In addition to a handset and call points that can be installed at various locations within a resident’s home (think bedrooms and bathrooms), our personal alarm systems, the INS LifeGuard & Safety Link systems, are thoughtfully designed with a pendant transmitter (pendant) that can be personally worn as a wristwatch or necklace. The pendant is an essential part of the personal alarm system, and we recommend that residents always wear them in their home. This is because it serves as an immediate point of contact for the resident in case of a fall or other emergency which impacts their mobility, plus it also ensures that the emergency response team can quickly locate the resident. The pendant can be worn as a wristwatch or necklace, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

The speed of emergency response is another critical aspect of the personal alarm system. In the event of an emergency, the resident can dial emergency services by following a single step: pressing the ‘HELP’ button on the handset, call point, or pendant. Once the alarm has been activated, within seconds, the emergency response team will be alerted. The trained nurse monitoring the system can communicate with the resident via the handset to assess the situation and provide guidance until the emergency response team arrives.

Peace of mind is one of the most significant benefits of implementing a personal alarm system for village residents. Our residents can feel secure knowing that they have access to emergency services 24/7, and the nurse monitoring the system provides a calming sense of reassurance.

In conclusion, implementing a personal alarm system, monitored by a trained nurse 24/7, is essential for the safety and well-being of our village residents. The pendant is an essential part of the system, and the immediacy of emergency response, ease of use, simple functionality, peace of mind, and cost savings are significant benefits that cannot be overlooked. By implementing personal alarm systems for its residents, Baldwin Living is able to provide a safer and more affordable retirement village experience.


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