Importance of Testing your Personal Alarm System Device

In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of providing a personal alarm system for our village residents. In this article, we outline the importance of testing your personal alarm system device.

It is essential that all residents routinely test their personal alarm system devices on a monthly basis.

We recommend testing on the day of the month that the resident’s birthday falls on. This step is crucial to ensure that the device is functioning correctly and that emergency services can be contacted immediately in case of an emergency. By testing the device regularly, residents can have peace of mind that their personal alarm system is in good working condition and that they will receive the necessary help when needed.

For example, resident Fred, whose birthday falls on 6 June 1950, can set a reminder to test his personal alarm system on the 6th of every month. On that day, Fred can press the HELP button on his handset, call point, or pendant to ensure that the emergency response team is contacted and responds quickly. This simple routine takes only a few minutes but can provide crucial assurance that the personal alarm system is in good working condition and that Fred will receive the necessary help if an emergency arises. By making this a regular practice, Fred can have peace of mind and feel confident that he is taking an important step in ensuring his safety and well-being.

Fred can also enjoy the benefits of companionship and eliminate isolation once the call has been answered by a trained nurse. After the emergency has been addressed, the nurse can chat with Fred, ask about his day, or even share a joke with him. This can be a valuable social interaction for Fred, who may otherwise feel isolated or lonely. This personal touch can also add to the peace of mind that a personal alarm system provides, as Fred knows that there is always someone available to talk to and assist him if needed.


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