It’s Emergency Ready Week – PREPTEMBER!

Australian Red Cross Emergency Ready Week – 2023

‘Emergency Ready Week’ is an Australian Red Cross initiative that takes place every year to raise

awareness of the need for people living in Australian to be prepared for emergencies.

Emergencies can strike at anytime, anywhere and without warning. You can protect yourself, the people you love and the things you value most by being prepared.

The primary purpose of the annual Emergency Ready Week is to encourage people to download the Get Prepared app and create their own personalised digital RediPlan to prepare themselves for emergencies.

Four simple steps can make you better prepared for any emergency:

  • GET IN THE KNOW: about your risks, where to get information, and how to manage stress
  • GET CONNECTED: by identifying emergency contacts, meeting places, and people who can help
  • GET ORGANISED: with important documents, medical information, insurance and pet plans
  • GET PACKING: with a list to help you survive and personal items that are important to you

Australian Red Cross implements a range of initiatives around Australia, through many channels, aimed at encouraging individuals and communities to take action, and we welcome all support in helping to raise awareness and encourage people living in Australia to prepare for emergencies.

Australian Red Cross has a range of resources, social posts, posters, flyers and information that can be provided to be shared.

How you can help

Download the Get Prepared app to create a digital RediPlan and locate your local emergency services contacts, where to find information, identify a safe meeting place for you and loved ones and create checklists of what to do and what to pack. It’s available on iOS, Android and Get Prepared app | Australian Red Cross

Red Cross has a range of resources to help you prepare, including a RediPlan, Get Prepared app, survival kit, emergency contacts list, keepsake list, information to help manage stress and more. Find them at Emergency preparedness guide | Australian Red Cross


Australian Red Cross offers informative, interactive EmergencyRedi workshops to support people to learn about preparing for emergencies and take steps towards building their individual and household resilience. You can reduce the impact of emergencies, big and small, by being prepared.

REGISTER NOW: EmergencyRedi workshops | Australian Red Cross

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