Riding for Hope: Baldwin Living’s Jeremy Takes on Black Dog Ride to Raise Mental Health Awareness

In a powerful display of compassion and commitment to mental health awareness, Baldwin Living’s Sales Manager, Jeremy, has undertaken a remarkable journey as the state coordinator for the Tasmanian leg of the Black Dog Ride. This annual event, held on the third Sunday of March across Australia, aims to spark conversations about depression and suicide prevention.

Jeremy’s passion for this cause manifested in a 6-day ride around his home in Tasmania, aptly named “Black Dog Rides The Apple.” This extraordinary journey saw 50 riders, hailing from Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, come together to raise awareness for mental health. Their collective effort, amidst breathtaking landscapes, echoed the national mission of the Black Dog Ride.

The significance of Jeremy’s initiative gained further recognition in November 2023 when, during a local ride in Tasmania, the Black Dog Riders were joined at parliament lawns by Mr. Jeremy Rockcliffe, the Premier of Tasmania. Mr. Rockcliff praised the riders, acknowledging their contribution to the community by posting to Facebook ‘Great Tasmanians doing great things.’

Jeremy’s dedication to mental health awareness through initiatives like the Black Dog Ride exemplifies Baldwin Living’s RECIPE values, and a commitment to holistic well-being, extending beyond retirement living and home care.

Baldwin Living continues to make meaningful contributions to the broader community, fostering a culture of care and compassion. Go Jeremy! 🏍


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