Travel Solo, but Never Alone: A Guide for Seniors

Traveling solo can be a daunting prospect, especially for seniors who have lost a spouse or partner with whom they once shared their adventures. However, embarking on solo travel can also be a rejuvenating and fulfilling experience, helping individuals rediscover their love for exploration and navigate through periods of grief or social adjustment.

According to recent statistics from Tourism Research Australia, solo travel among seniors has been on the rise, with over one-third of domestic overnight trips in Australia now taken by solo travellers, nearly half of whom are over 50 years old.

For seniors looking to venture into solo travel, there are numerous resources and tour providers catering specifically to their needs. Many tour packages are designed with small groups and a relaxed pace in mind, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. These tours often foster intergenerational connections, allowing travellers to make new friends and share memorable experiences with like-minded individuals.

To help seniors embark on their solo travel journey, here are some resources and tour providers offering tailored experiences:

  1. ElderTreks: Specializing in adventure travel for seniors, ElderTreks offers a range of small-group tours to exotic destinations worldwide. Their itineraries cater to different activity levels and interests, ensuring a customized experience for each traveller. Learn more about ElderTreks
  2. Solo Traveller: Solo Traveller is a community-driven platform that provides tips, advice, and tour recommendations for solo travellers, including seniors. Their website features inspiring travel stories, practical guides, and a forum for connecting with fellow adventurers. Explore Solo Traveller
  3. Road Scholar: With a focus on lifelong learning and cultural immersion, Road Scholar offers educational travel programs for seniors. From history and arts to outdoor adventures, their diverse range of trips encourages exploration and personal growth. Discover Road Scholar

Remember, age should never limit your sense of adventure. Traveling solo can be a liberating experience, providing opportunities for self-discovery, new friendships, and unforgettable memories. So pack your bags, embrace the journey, and discover the world on your own terms.

Helen Evadewi
HomeServe Operational Support Officer, Baldwin Living


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